Here are some of my clients' personal experiences which they have voluntarily shared with love:

"I found my SPHE-RE session with Violetta to be an emotional and wonderful experience. It was very relaxing, therapeutic and cathartic. I have taken other healing sessions but nothing compares to SPHE-RE, not even a full body massage. I could feel the energy surging and shifting inside me. I felt at peace and in harmony with my surroundings after the session. Violetta provided insight and counsel in a very engaging way after the SPHE-RE and I began to gain a deeper understanding that I can overcome anything. I would highly recommend taking a session with her. You will feel at peace within."
- Carmela

"The moment I met Violetta,I felt a knowledgeable hand greeting me. A wave of peace, tender and love. After a moment I felt a wonderful burst of energy to my heart and was instantly transported to another place of serenity ready to surrender to get help. At the beggining of the sesssion she is very focused attentive and direct....BE TRUTHFUL to yourself she is there for YOU!!! During the SPHE- RE session I felt heat, a pull, cold, rest, shiver and ocassionely thoughts were hunting me too. It felt like I played a character in a movie. However weirdly enough it was my movie and I played all the roles as to understand my closest people around me. I felt their pain......after the stir of emotions and pictures I believe I fell into a deep meditation or sleep, small sparks of light were falling on me, however it wasn't distructive. I felt complete ease, clarity, and freedom. Suddenly my body started moving from my arms. The uncontrolable feeling woke me up. I want to rise to see what is holding me. I can't, I'm pierced. The energy goes through my legs, then grabs my feet.......and then breaks free. I wonder what just happend to me???? What an expierience, what an energy just went through me, shaking my body uncontrolably.....I took a deep breath I was aware and free from the actions, thoughts and people that were holding on to me. NOW I am ready again to help others as well as MYSELF. I HIGHLY recommend everyone experience this for themselves!"
- Jola

"The last SHERE and EFT session with Violetta has tangeble and deep effect. I felt like there is a window of freedom that has opened up in the life long battle and struggle with myself and my environment. During our session I received blessing,hope, guidance and healing, she opens up this sacred safe space in which I can heal my own wounds. Violetta is a very professional and a person of high integrity. She helps me during the most challenging moments of my life. Thank you very much Violetta !!!"
- Ania

"I really enjoyed the session itself. It was just what I needed at the time. All the stresses completely disappeared, I felt so good, and even my pain vanished. The insights I got during the session about my own health and healing were priceless. Thank you Violetta!"
- Robert

"The past year of my life had been filled with much stress and worry. Personal illness, gratefully overcome, the death of my dear mother and then the unthinkable, a critical illness of a darling grandchild. As I lent my support and love, helping wherever I could, I began to feel overwhelmed and so tired. Then I read Violetta's website and was drawn to go for a treatment. Her lovely healing space as well as her beautiful energy surrounded me with peace. The treatment solidified that peace for me so that when I went back home that night I felt renewed and buoyed up and happy. The burden I had felt had been lightened and now I am proceeding through the same journey with optimism and renewed strength and the ability to smile and be hopeful instead of worrying incessantly. Thank you, Violetta...it was a beautiful experience."
- Sharon

"I decided to have a healing session with Violetta, it turned out to be a good decision on my part. It was lovely, I felt totally at ease after. Since I had known for a while that I needed to go on a healing retreat yet something was missing and I did not know what it was, so could not make reservations for a hotel, to create this retreat. After my session with Violetta, I knew what was missing. Right then and there I booked three new sessions and checked into a hotel for my silent healing retreat. Violetta was amazing, after each treatment I knew something had shifted for me. I came home knowing the shame I carried deep inside of me was gone. I did not even know that I was holding shame inside of me. I am stronger than ever and I thank Violetta and her compassionate heart. Best decision and money that I have spent, for me, in a long time!
Please feel free to use my name.
Thank you Violetta.  Blessings to you."

- Bonnie Rondeau

"For most of my life, my emotions have been buried deep within, making it very difficult to develop heart-felt, authentic connections. Prior to meeting Violetta, I consulted with a psychologist, psychic, craniosacral therapist, and reiki practitioner to try and break them free. While some insights were gained, they were collectively nothing compared to my experience with Violetta. While I was a tough nut to crack, she, over 4 EFT sessions, helped me understand both the source of my anxiety and a method for creating more connected relationships with the important people in my life. She is truly gifted.
SPHE-RE is an incredibly relaxing and uplifting experience. While the high I leave with fades within a day, my baseline level of happiness permanently increases with every session.
I wish you much success and look forward to more sessions in the future, "
- Sheryl

"My wife gave me an EFT session for my birthday, so I came to see Violetta not really knowing what EFT was all about. In a nutshell, I was totally blown away by the experience. I was aware that there were several things in my life, reaching back to my childhood, that were affecting me today. The EFT session with Violetta not only helped me to better understand these issues, but more importantly to address them as well, leaving me me feeling more relaxed and happy than I have in a long time. I'm writing this 2 weeks after the session and the effects are still with me.
Because the EFT session with Violetta was so profound, I decided to go ahead with a SPHE-RE session as well. I am a Professional Engineer, so my thinking is just about as logical and fact-based as you can get. Although I am somewhat spiritual and have tried things like meditation several times in the past, I have never honestly had what I would call a spiritual experience. I don't want to give details of exactly what happened, but I will say that it left me with no doubt in my mind that Violetta does have an almost supernatural gift.
Thanks for a truly wondrous experience Violetta."
- John E

"Thank you for the gift of SPHE-RE yesterday. What an incredible session! I loved how tingly and buzzy it made me feel. I actually felt energy moving around and into me. It was like when I meditate at my best, but supercharged.
Thank you again for yesterday Violetta. It was a profound experience."
- Barbara

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