SPHE-RE - Sacred Peace Healing Energy
What is SPHE-RE?

     SPHE-RE is a new healing modality that brings you back to your true state of being. SPHE-RE heals all aspects of your being, clears blockages, restores perfect balance and connects you to God, the Source, at the very core of your Soul. SPHE-RE is a gentle, hands-on energy healing technique that brings you back to a place of Peace and Love which is already deep within you. This beautiful Sacred Peace Healing Energy encourages you to re-connect, re-new, re- establish, re-member, re-store, re-commit, re-affirm, re-claim your Divine heritage.

     SPHE-RE is complementary to other healing modalities and does not interfere with anyone's religious beliefs. It is a Divine Energy available to anyone!  A SPHE-RE Session graces you with Divine Light bringing deep Peace, Love, Compassion, Balance, Harmony, Divine Wisdom, and New Growth.

Consider creating Peace in your day to day life:

*  re-place feelings of grief, insecurity, inadequacy, with Peace, Love and Joy.
*  re-place sadness and hopelessness with Happiness and Hope.
*  stop worrying about stuff that doesn't deserve your energy.
*  achieve emotional balance in your life and the lives of others.
*  establish a state of mental well-being.
*  find the spiritual center and soul's purpose in yourself and in others.
*  diminish the effects of physical ailments with SPHE-RE.

     SPHE-RE has been founded by Lynn Neilson and Debbie Fegley who underwent spiritual awakening and healing. Lynn has been appointed by the Divine Council of Twelve to bring forth this new healing modality in order to help humanity at this time. Lynn and Debbie have been teaching and providing workshops for anyone interested in bringing Light, Peace, Love, and Compassion into their life.
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