Session Rates
Counselling & Energy Healing $ 130

Spiritual Counselling/EFT
other healing techniques - $ 90

Energy Healing SPHE-RE or Reiki - $ 60

Personal Transformation Package - $ 625 *

This package provides support and spiritual counselling therapy which contains a mixture of healing techniques. After the first session, I will evaluate your situation and create a detailed program in order to target areas that require deeper healing. It is intended to create personal transformation through fundamental and positive changes that will leave you with a sense of authentic wellness and deep inner peace.  The sessions last about 2 hours each time (upto 6 sessions in total) which allows you to reach personal fulfilment and transformation.  Additional consultations follow after each session through a phone call, email or online (skype), providing guidelines and support during the healing process.

What happens during a session?
     The session is typically divided into two sections, the Counselling and the Energy Healing. During the Counselling, we will discuss some of the issues you really don't want to talk about and use a combination of techniques that would be most suitable to help your situation. This usually lasts one hour.

     Another section of Spiritual Counselling consists of Energy Healing. Clients will choose either SPHE-RE or Reiki healing.  Most clients experience noticeable sensations of the energy flowing, and some experience more significant effects during the procedures of moving blocked energy, releasing stored trauma from the past, and often even pain responds by diminishing or vanishing during the session. Once the session ends you will feel refreshed and optimistic. We will then discuss your experiences during the session, and I will share any insights or messages I intuitively receive for you during your session. An energy healing session lasts 45 min.

     To receive full benefits, most clients choose a full session (Counselling & Energy Healing).  You may however, choose either Counselling which includes EFT and other healing techniquees or Energy Healing only.

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