Radical Forgiveness
True forgiveness is the greatest act of healing you can do!

     Holding on to intense emotions of anger and guilt are extremely toxic to living a healthy life. They are poisons to your mind, your emotions, your soul, and even medical science completely recognizes that such negative emotions lead to poor physical health. Any grievance against others, or your own guilt, regardless whether they are justified or not, are the causes of most of the problems.  Radical Forgiveness techniques offer a fast solution to such emotional pollution, by healing the pain and releasing the resentments and/or guilt you are hanging on to.

     Radical Forgiveness is a combination of techniques learned from several sources, including Hawaiian method of Ho'oponopono & ACIM (A Course in Miracles), in conjunction with EFT, Matrix Reimprinting & Hypnosis. The healing may be quite profound for you, particularly if you have been carrying intense pain for many years. You will feel a tremendous liberation from the release of those toxic emotions. Emotionally you will feel a lot lighter, but the results of this healing will often be noticed in other areas of your life. Perhaps a physical health issue will improve drastically, or some area of your life that you've been disappointed about will suddenly shift for the better. The reason for those rapid healings is that the underlying reason that has been suppressing your health or life is now gone, so thus whatever has been negatively affected by it in the past is no longer affected.
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