EFT Tapping In Schools
   The biggest challenge that students deal with today is anxiety and stress, mostly related to test taking, pressure from parents to succeed, bullying issues, and peer conflicts... just to name a few.  EFT tapping provides students with the support strategy they need in managing their emotional well-being.  Dealing with and releasing negative emotions, including anger, sadness, frustration or embarrassment can bring tremendous emotional relief, reduce anxiety, lower stress, improve test scores, minimize behavioural issue, increase athletic performance, and solidify goal setting.

     EFT tapping is a stress reduction technique that can combat any psychological issue.   It is a non-spiritual approach to emotional healing and highly recognized in the field of energy psychology.  In 2012 the American Psychological Association has recognized EFT as an ‘evidence-based’ practice.

   The Tapping Star organization (www.Tappinginschools.com) has developed curriculum and marketing support  for schools and organizations.  This program is designed to support schools in teaching tapping technique in every classroom.  I am dedicated in bringing their program into Canadian schools in hopes to improve students' quality of life, and create positive changes in schools.  There are a lot of benefits of teaching EFT tapping, not only to students, but to teachers, administration, as well as parents.  Everyone benefits by making EFT tapping a daily routine.

Tapping is...

  •     effective
  •     fast-acting with no side effects
  •     applicable for all ages
  •     immediately usable anywhere, anytime
  •     simple to teach
  •     simple to learn and use
  •     easy to administer - no medication, drugs or equipment required; tools are all “at hand”
  •     a repetitive process - an almost universal problem-solver

To learn more about tapping in schools or to book an EFT Tapping presentation at your school please contact me at 613-808-4822 or email Violetta@tappinginschools.ca
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